Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 ファームウェアアップデート

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Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 の新しいファーム (Ver 2.30.20130503) が出ていました。

  1. Check disk function will hang for a long time if media server or BT download is running.
  2. Format volume function will hang for a long time if media server is running.
  3. Printer UI page listed item broken.
  4. After updated firmware, NAS rebooted and power on in RED.
  5. Raid building in Wizard, the Wizard step4(finished) won't be set to the completed one (blue chart).
  6. Share Box page cannot run on IE10.
  7. Wizard clicking next step too quick will generate debug pop-up.
  8. When new disk used, the NAS might not start from the beginning of Wizard
  9. UI -Disk Manager Disk volume contents will not be updated after format
  10. Wizard stop at step5 when set Single mode with Japanese language.
  11. Wizard RAID1 format failed .Failed to mount data volume when finished to build up system in Wizard
  12. Factory reset did not terminate completely in browser.



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